Q-Mission®PCTAS | Persistent Cyber Training as a Service.

Persistent Cyber Training Services

Our Persistent Cyber Training services Q-Mission®PCTAS are delivered through Q-Mission®Q-Camp, a comprehensive education and training environment comprised of NIST-aligned role-based paths, designed by harvesting and grouping all the relevant NICE-KSATs required to meet the essential cybersecurity team operational roles to produce a reliable credentialed cyber workforce.

Q-Mission®CR | Cyber Ranging

Cyber Environment Simulation Services

Our Q-Mission®CR cyber environment simulation services include the design, development and operation of events for CTF and TTX exercises deployed on our Q-Range cyber range.

Q-Mission®VAPT | Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment and Pen Testing

Q-Mission┬«VAPT services are designed to identify system vulnerabilities, validate existing security measures and provide a detailed remediation roadmap. Our team delivers a thorough checkup to pinpoint system vulnerabilities, ´Čéaws in applications service and OS, loopholes in con´Čügurations, and potentially dangerous non-compliance with security policies. We Leverage the industry's leading-edge vulnerability assessment and pen-testing technology orchestrated with our proprietary cyber threat hunting methodology to Identify potential risks to your organizations' Network, mobile apps, web apps, IoT devices, and cloud applications.

Q-Mission®RT | Red Teaming

Live and Simulated Red Teaming for Operational Readiness

Train and test your defensive and response capabilities against simulated and real-life adversaries. Skill, up-skill and assess your cybersecurity staff on the Q-Mission®UCP tailored scenario-based labs supported by Q-Missions' highly experienced security trainers and testers and optimize your tech and human capacity for real-world cyber challenges.

Q-Mission®RC | Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance Pen-Testing

Q-Mission┬«RCPT services help to avoid ´Čünes for non-compliance and illustrate due diligence to auditors by maintaining required security controls.

Q-Missions' team provides speci´Čüc guidance and recommendations to avoid ´Čünancial pitfalls by identifying and addressing risks before attacks or security breaches occur.

•          Penetration Testing for PCI-DSS Compliance

•          Penetration Test for HIPAA Compliance

•          Penetration Test for SOC 2 Compliance